At Arque we care about community. We’re not just in it for our own benefit and where we can help others, we will. You may want to call it our Corporate Social Responsibility, we view it as doing our little bit to make the world around us a better place. From sponsoring sports clubs right on our doorstep, to working overseas.

Stoke Hill Infant & Nursery School

On Saturday 15th July, volunteers from the Arque team gave up their time to transform Stoke Hill Infant and Nursery school grounds.

The outdoor area had been in need of attention for quite some time, and Arque played a significant role in transforming the space into a magical place for children to learn and play.

In conjunction with funds raised in memory of Brian Chudley, Arque was pleased to supply and erect a new wooden playhouse, complete with a tree stump path leading to the entrance. Arque also installed some wind chimes for the children to use. The team of volunteers started by resurfacing the area with bark to create a natural woodland area. The completed works have complemented the wooden gazebo and insect houses that were already in use, enhancing the opportunity for the children to develop while learning through play.

The children were thrilled to find the new area when they arrived at school on the Monday morning and have made good use of the fairy tale inspired outdoor space to develop their thirst for learning.

Clare Farion, Early Years Leader at Stoke Hill Nursery remarked “I actually can’t believe it, what a special place you have created for the children, it’s amazing. Thank you, the children have been playing in it ALL day”.

Arque truly enjoyed dedicating time to support this project and is proud to have seized the opportunity to provide something that will inspire and challenge the pupils at the onset of their educational journey.

Ladysmith Federation

Arque takes pride in offering support to the local community. We became aware of an opportunity to assist Ladysmith Federation in Exeter and were more than happy to do so.

The nursery required a new fence and stairs to ensure the safety of the pupils during their learning activities. Arque not only supplied all of the necessary materials but also erected the stairs and fence, creating a secure space for the children and pupils.

The pupils were delighted with the final result, and we hope to have inspired some budding future professionals for the construction industry!

RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter

The Little Valley Animal Shelter operates as an independent registered branch of the RSPCA and is responsible for raising all necessary funds locally. Arque Ltd was pleased to assist with various tasks that needed attention. Members of the Arque Team volunteered their time on a Saturday to complete the much-needed DIY repairs, which included reinforcing and redecking the steps to the shelter's entrance. Arque Ltd partnered with Bradfords Building Supplies for this project, a generous contributor that donated all the required materials free of charge.

Sports Sponsorship

We have supported various sports teams over the years, ranging from Crediton Rugby Club to Exeter City FC. Last season, we had the honor of sponsoring two awards for the Exeter City Ladies, and we proudly presented these at their recent celebration night. In the current season, we have joined the corporate trust that sponsors the under-14s team.


Myanmar Project

Over the past three years, Bernard and his wife Fran have dedicated their efforts to a project aiming to provide clean water to villages and schools in Myanmar. They have made several trips to the country to witness firsthand the fruits of their fundraising efforts and to actively support the work of the charity. Thanks to their help, water tanks have been installed, providing clean water to over 5,000 people. These tanks are installed by local residents, contributing to the support of the local economy.


Bernard reflects on the impact of the project, stating, ‘The water tanks are transforming lives, not just by providing drinking water, but also by drastically reducing the time spent collecting it. Now, students can focus on their education instead of losing valuable school time fetching drinking water from the nearest river or pond. Additionally, villagers who used to spend up to six hours collecting water in barrels on their ox-carts from distant water sources now have more time to dedicate to their farms, and their overall health has seen improvement.

Brampford Speke Project

We were approached to construct an accessible route to the river for a family in Brampford Speke, as their disabled son’s wheelchair was consistently getting stuck in the muddy riverbank. After visiting to provide an estimate for the job, we had an epiphany: ‘Why not create our own version of DIY SOS?’ Our team graciously volunteered their time on a Saturday, and we collaborated with Buildbase, who generously supplied an excavator and materials at no cost. Together, we landscaped the area, creating a gentle slope down to the river, providing the family and their son the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy some leisurely fishing.