Russel Clinic, Wonford House

Project Value: £800,000
Client: NHS Partnership Trust

Arque were instructed to carry out extensive refurbishment works at the Wonford House, Russell Clinic. The project was split into three phases and communication with contracts management, site management, and the client was key in the success of the project. 

This large job included a diverse range of works spread over the property, including demolition and fit outs, electrical and mechanical works, and bespoke designs for fittings to ensure the safety of patients during their stay at the clinic. Arque were tasked to strip out and completely refrubish over 40 rooms and the connecting hallways.

A key issue faced during this project was the 2020 outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), that rose mid way through phase 1. This required careful management and planning to cater to government guidelines and regulations in order ensure the safety of both our clients and staff members. Arque was forced to be as flexible while conducting these works, faced  with breaks in supply chains and the government mandated lockdown, we were able to adapt in a fast manner and ensure that our clients were still satisfied with the quality and rate of work that was produced. In this we were also able to set up a robust system for coping with government pandemic guidelines that we can apply and adjust to any job in the future.

Due to the specialised nature of the ward, anti- ligature products were installed throughout the property to ensure the safety of all of its patients. This required a careful process with meticulous attention to detail to ensure there would be no faults or issues with the end product. A comprehensive set of these products were installed, including windows, doors, wardrobes, sinks, curtains, and radiator covers. Diligence was required to make sure that all of these products were up to regulation and offered no risk towards the clients.

The key objective of this project was the create a bright, hygienic and most importantly safe environment in the centre that would stand the test of time and remain safe for years to come. In order to achieve this, Arque staff needed to be flexible and thorough in the installation and selection of anti ligature products, while making sure these suited the overall aesthetics of the project. This was completed to the highest degree of quality safety standards, balanced with making the space look bright, comfortable and hospitable.